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About Us

Reid Taxi is a company serving the Roanoke region for over a decade.  Unlike larger companies,   Reid Taxi has developed a clientele based on personal support of their customers. We take care of them in the most professional way, many times with great conversation and always a smile. We believe a new customer is a chance to add to our riding family.

Reid Taxi works hard to provide a quality vehicle to your pick-up location. Feel comfortable with a smooth ride that will leave you with a feel-good attitude when you depart.  We have vans, SUVs and sedans for a proper ride to fit each customer. Ask about our vehicles availability.

Our office is located off Franklin Road, not far from downtown Roanoke. Through radio dispatch, we service the entire region, including those tucked-away places in more rural areas. Our drivers have extensive knowledge of the valley and surrounding vicinities. Out of town trips are handled by drivers who have done so on a regular basis, professionally.

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